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Excellent Metallic Effect-VMP

2018 / 07 / 04
VMP creates a pigment with an extremely smooth surface that can generate mirror like effects, similar to  those achieved with foil. VMP’s can be used in all printing processes and with all printing ink technologies.This series imparts smooth surface, chrome-like mirror effect and high-reflective effect as well as good hiding power.

The brightness of VMP based paint is detemined by aluminium  flakes aligning. Unlike traditional paints,theVMP based paint just uses a small amount of  metal.Generally speaking ,the metallic brightness of the paint film will increase with incresing pigment content until the maxium point is achieved where the aluminium flakes align in a uniform monolayer in the paint.After this point incresing VMP content will aluminium  flakes align in a  monolayer is the key to the formulation  of  VMP  based paint.

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