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Tips for choosing aluminum paste compatible with ink system

2018 / 07 / 11

Normally ink customers may use different binders when making plastic printing ink, like Polyamide resin, NC resin, chlorinated PVC resin, acrylic resin etc. With different resin system, we may recommend different aluminium paste. Below are some tips:

1. Polyamide Resin: it is also called nylon, which softening point is from 90-150degree. Usually customer use it for gravure surface printing inks or relief printing ink. Most of our normal aluminum paste can be compatible with such resin system.

2. NC Resin: Mostly paper ink customer choose this resin, considering of its good performance for film forming, drying, heat-resistance, etc. Customer can choose non-leafing aluminum paste with EA solvent. If need to pass tape test, we can provide good adhesion aluminum paste.

3. Chlorinated PVC resin: It is semi-polar resin and usually used as binder for PVC ink. Both leafing and non-leafing aluminum paste can be compatible.

Good formulation is important to make good quality ink. Thus customer should choose right aluminium paste compatible with their resin systems.

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