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The Affect of water for Aluminium paste pigment

2018 / 07 / 02

The Affect of water content % for Aluminium paste pigment.

1,The safety. Aluminium is a kind of active metal. The aluminum powder was protected by a layer of Aluminium oxide. In the process of production, we will take off the layer of AlO,and cover the additives. However,if the content of water is to much,the chemical reaction will accur. 2AL+6H2O==2AL(OH)3+3H2.The H2 will be easily fired or exploded. So we must control the content of water to a safe value.

2,The quality. Too much water content will affect the coverage of additives,and change the shape of flake aluminium powder.

ZQ aluminium paste pigment provide a water content test for every batch of products for our customers. It means we can avoid this factor to affect the quality.

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