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Aluminum paste for ink application

2018 / 06 / 27
Our Aluminum paste for ink application could be divided into three kinds:gravure printing ink, offset printing ink and screening printing ink.

Gravure printing ink is one kind of fast-dry ink, it could be volatile quickly after printing. When manufacturing aluminum paste, the fast-dry solvent should be adopted with good disperse feature,then ink will be dry quickly while aluminum powder could be well dispersed in ink.

Offset printing ink is a kind of non-fast-dry ink. It could be totally dry after 10 hours even 30 hours, then the slow-dry solvent should be adopted when choosing solvent and additive.

We do lots of practical experiments on above two kinds of ink according to different requirements. It could totally comply with customers’ requirement when choosing solvent and additive.Our products could be well applied in these two industries with good color and luster, hiding power and stability.

There are lot of products including leafing and non leafing aluminum paste applied for ink specialized products.

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