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Suggestion for using waterbased aluminium paste

2017 / 09 / 07

Suggestion for using waterbased aluminium paste

Due to the high surface tension of water, the wettability is not good. So when using waterbased aluminium paste, more attention should be paid to the combination of aluminium paste and waterbased binder etc.

Customer can refer to below suggestions:

1.    Make sure the aluminium paste is in good condition and no seeding. It can be checked by drawn-down panel.

1)    Weigh aluminium paste

2)    Add solvent(like water, butylcellosolve, Isopropanol) slowly with ratio of 1:1 or 1:2

3)    Stir the solution slowly. Add waterbased dispersing agent when necessary.

4)    Standing for few mintues for fully dispersed and wetting;then check if any undispersed particles

5)    Stir and add into other prepared binders


1)    Do not disperse aluminium paste with high shearing force

2)    Add binders, addition agent etc while stiring

3)    Recommended addition agent: Like ADDITOL XL250、BYK192 for dispersing; BYK325、BYK348、BYK333 for levelling; BYK031、BYK024、SURFYNOL 104E as defoamer

2.    PH value will affect the storage stability and gas extrusion. It is better to control PH value within 7.5-8.0; Can use DMEA to adjust PH value.

3.    VISCALEX HV3 or LATEKOLL D is recommended for thickener. It mainly used for adjust viscosity of paint. Waterbased resin is important for film performance, thus it is better to consult with waterbased resin supplier to choose the right one. Both thickener and resin should be diluted before using. 

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