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Solvent Choice during aluminium paste application

2017 / 08 / 10

Normaly, polar solvent is suitable for non leafing aluminium paste, such as aromatic solvent, fatty solvent, ester solvent(N-BUTYL ACETATE), ketone solvent, alcohol solvent. Non-ploar solvent is suitable for leafing aluminium paste; It is better to choose high surface tension aliphatic solvent or aromatic solvent, especially petroleum solvent, xylene, toluene, which can promote a better leafing ability.

The main component of aluminium paste is aluminium, which is active and easily oxidant compared with other pigment during using. Therefore, adverse effect may occurs caused by fault solvent.

For non-leafing aluminium paste, many solvent can be choosed, such as benzene, alcohols, esters, ketones, etc. They do not react with aluminium paste but impart different effect. Eg. when using with alcohol solvent, the coating may turn black and when using with ketone solvent, may turn white.

For leafing aluminum paste, choose the solvent carefully. Below formulation is not preferred.

1.      Alcohol solvent may lead aluminium paste coarser, blacker and less leafing.

2.      Ethyl acetate solvent may deduct the leafing ability; it will corrode aluminium powder surface, thus coating turns black.

3.      Keton solvent may also deduct the leafing ability and lead to coarser and blacker effect.

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