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Tips for Aluminium Paste Storage, Handling and Transportation

2017 / 10 / 24

Tips for Aluminium Paste Storage, Handling and Transportation


      1.       Keep away from direct sunlight, rainwater, and excessive dampness.
2.       Please do not allow aluminum paste to come in contact with water,acid, Alkalis
3.       Store indoors in sealed containers, at no more than 40°C and preferably at 15°C–25°C.
4.       For special leafing grades which are subject to stearic acid separation, storage indoors 15 °C–45°C is preferable.
5.       Please seal containers when not using aluminum paste in order to prevent it from being mixed with reactive substances.
6.       If, while storing aluminum paste, an aluminum paste container expands due to abnormal internal pressure, gradually open the lids slowly, use needle to make some small holes on plastic bag to release the gas.


  1. When adding aluminum paste to coating materials or when changing containers, please follow handling guidelines for flammable solvents.
  2. Avoid intense shocks or vibrations
  3. Use tools made of non-sparking materials (e.g. copper or aluminum based) when handling aluminum paste.
  4. clean warehouses and work place
  5. If aluminum paste is spilled from a container, wipe it up with a cloth (waste cloth) and keep this in a sealed container that does not contain any residual water, acid or alkali.
  6. Keep out of reach of children.
  7. Before discarding empty containers, wash them and remove the residual contents completely.
  8. When discarding aluminum paste, consign it to a special waste disposer approved by a prefectural governor.


  1. Ensure that the containers do not fall.
  2. Confirm that containers are free from damage, corrosion or leakage.
  3. Provide appropriate coverings over containers to prevent exposure to sunlight and penetration of rainwater.
  4. Avoid intense vibrations or shocks.
  5. select a safe location when parking.
  6. If a large amount of aluminum paste leaks out during transportation and the possibility of a disaster arises, take emergency preventive actions and report the situation to a local fire station.
  7. powder fire extinguisher or fiberglass cloth.
  8. Never use fire extinguishers containing foam

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