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2020 / 03 / 14

Leafing aluminum powder, aluminum powder particles surface with saturated fatty acids such as stearic acid adsorption layer of aluminum pigment, hydrophobic, can be parallel to the surface of the film, forming a continuous metal shell, film is bright silver.


It adopts dry grinding, which is easy to disperse, good hiding powder and particle size dispersion, the surface is fine and smooth, with strong metallic effect.

Aluminum powder application:

powder coating, ink, plastic color masterbatch, printing, imitation gold paper, imitation gold card, gold film, textiles.

Aluminum powder has the characteristics of metallic luster and parallel to the coated material. In the carrier containing transparent pigment, the gloss and color of aluminum powder change with the change of incident Angle and Angle of view of the incident light. This characteristic is called "dual color effect".

The aluminum powder is arranged in different layers in the coating film. When the incident light hits each layer of aluminum scales, the reflected light is obviously of different brightness due to the different weakening of the coating film passing through different thickness.When the light enters the film layer containing the transparent pigment and aluminum powder, the incident light passes through the pigment particles to become a colored light, and then reflects out through different layers of aluminum powder, resulting in the change of color and metal light.

The incident light and the Angle of view gradually produce angular displacement from the vertical direction, and the light passes through the pigments with different particle number and aluminum powder with different particle size, and the reflected light's color and metal light also have infinite changes.This characteristic of aluminum powder has been widely used in paint, hammer paint or metal paint.

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