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2019 / 06 / 25

1.Are the grades recommended by TDS exactly the same as I want?

Different companies have different testing method and equipment. Though they looks similar in TDS, they may not impart same effect. If you want same color exactly, please send us some sample for matching. After testing in the lab, we can send you most equivalent one.

2.How long does the sample aluminum paste expire?

Normally the shelf time is 1 year for ZQ & ZAS series, half year for ZK series.But please keep the goods in tightly sealed steel drum.

If exposed in air for long time, it is easily to be oxided as solvent being volatilized.  

Especially for the samples kept in small can, we suggest to test ASAP.

3.What is the difference between aerated powder and aerated paste?

They gain the same effect in production. Only the  aluminum paste   is more cleaner for use without any dust. 

4.What are the factors that affect the Leafing Value?

1.The quality of aluminum flakes(raw material)

2.The purity of solvent

3.production technology

5.What is the difference between silver dollor and flake?

1.Different shape for the aluminum flake made by different production technology

2.Silver dollor is brighter and whiter than corn flake. Corn flake have better coverage.

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