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Tips To Disperse Aluminum Paste

2018 / 11 / 29

For aluminum particle size gaining better appearance in paint film, how to disperse aluminium paste before use is very important.

Normally when manufacturing aluminum paste, disperse additive is necessary, then it has good disperse property, and before use, it should be soaking in solvent, pre-disperse it and then its effect will be better.
The rate of aluminum paste and solvent is nearly same quantity or more solvent, soaking for half an hour.Soaking in solvent,aluminum paste should be totally dispersed in paint solvent, keeping that there is no granule aluminum particle and other polymers.
After long storage or use, it is must be attention, if disperse effect is not good,please try to add wetting agent or disperse agent to disperse completely,aluminum flake is easily to break up under high speed mix, therefore do not use high shearing force disperse equipment device when dispersing.

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