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A brief type introduction of aluminium paste

2018 / 08 / 22

Aluminum paste can be roughly divided into two types: floating type and non-floating type.

The leafing aluminium paste floats on the surface of the coating due to its low surface tension, and has extremely high light reflectivity and chrome plating effect, but the aluminum sheet is easily peeled off from the surface of the paint film, which causes difficulty in recoating, and is applied to anti-corrosion, roofing, tank, etc.

Non-leafing aluminium paste can be completely wetted by the coating, evenly distributed throughout the paint film, and has a tendency to sink. The coating is solid and stable, and can be re-coated with a large amount of light. It is widely used in vehicles, furniture, and electronic products. , coils and other occasions.

Our company's leafing aluminum paste is roughly divided into two categories: low-grade and high-grade: because of their different performance and manufacturing process have their respective applications. Low-grade mainly used in various anti-corrosion coatings. High-grade mainly used in ink,aerosol and bicycle and so on

Non-leafing aluminum paste is divided into different series according to different production processes: different series of products such as corn-flake aluminium paste, sparkling aluminium paste and bright effect aluminium paste are applied to different colors of paint. Each series of products is divided into different models according to different particle sizes. customers will have different needs for color and particle size.

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