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Classification of aluminum paste for coatings(1)

2018 / 08 / 16

Aluminum silver paste is an indispensable metal pigment. Its main components are snow flake aluminum particles and petroleum solvents, which are in the form of a paste. Its characteristics are that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, the particle size distribution is concentrated, the shape is regular, and it has excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster. And the decorative effect is very gorgeous. 

Aluminum silver paste is mainly used in automotive coatings, plastic coatings, metal industrial coatings, marine coatings, heat resistant coatings, coil coatings, etc.

In the past two or three years, China's aluminum and silver paste products have also begun to use micro-spherical aluminum powder as raw materials, and have made major breakthroughs in technology. However, their performance indicators and coating effects are similar to those of foreign countries. There is a certain gap in the product.

Aluminium silver paste is a kind of pigment. It is specially processed and surface treated, so that the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and smooth, the edges are neat, the shape is regular, the particle size distribution is concentrated, and the matching with the coating system is excellent.

Aluminum silver paste can be divided into two types: floating type and non-floating type. During the grinding process, one fatty acid is replaced by another, so that the aluminum silver paste has completely different characteristics and appearance, and the shape of the aluminum sheet has a snowflake shape, a fish scale shape and a silver dollar shape.


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