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The difference between water-based aluminum paste and solvent-based aluminum paste

2020 / 06 / 19

At present, water-based aluminum silver paste is a relatively popular product in aluminum pigments, because water-based aluminum silver paste conforms to national environmental protection standards and is popular among customers. What is the difference between water-based aluminum paste and solvent-based aluminumr paste? Let's discuss it together:

1,Water-based aluminum paste is coated with inorganic silicon and has good dispersion in water. It is an environmentally friendly type that the country preferentially promotes--Metallic pigments.We can produce passivated,single coated and double coated types. And we have leafing and non-leafing water-based aluminum paste.

The production requirements of water-based products are stricter. The particle size is smaller, the more difficult for SiO2 coated. The smaller particle size needs double layers coated to make stable products. Therefore, double-coated products are more expensive than single-coated products.

2,Solvent-based aluminum paste has more types, which can almost meet the needs of customers regardless of the particle size.In addition, the production process is mature, the product is stable and the price is more suitable with the customer, so the product is widely used in the market.

The above is our view on aluminum pigments. If you have any other insights and opinions, please leave a message.

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