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Aluminum paste with bright effcet

2020 / 02 / 14


BRIGHT EFFECT is manufactured using fine grinding processes to ensure that the surface of the particles is smooth with minimum rough edges. Specially selected spherical powders are used in the making of this series. The particles’ diameter to thickness ratio is maintained at a constant level to ensure a brilliant and high reflective appearance. Advanced equipment and fine grinding processes are adopted in the company to produce aluminium particle in a silver-dollar like structure with smooth surface and edges, adequate diameter to thickness ratio, and even particle size distribution. Therefore, this series has high reflectivity and superior capability of positioning arrangement to give the paint film a bright appearance and smooth surface with a basic electroplating effect.

Performance Parameter:

Grade: ZQ-2000series

Non Volatile Content(±2%): 65%/70%

Average particle size: 7um-17um

Screen Analysis:0.5%/1.0%

Solvent: HA(High Boiling Point Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent)

Applications: 3C, OEM, Refinish, Coil, Industry

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