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Automotive Speciality Aluminum Paste

2019 / 09 / 20

AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALITY is manufactured using our best in-house powder. Only spherical powder is used to manufacture grades that have a narrow particle size distribution curve. Advanced equipments are adopted in the company to produce aluminium particle in a silver-dollar like structure with smooth surface and edges and consistent diameter to thickness ratio. Therefore, this series imparts high reflectivity and good orientation capability to give the paint film a bright appearance and smooth surface look. This series is for OEM and Refinish coatings, plastic and coil coatings.

Technical Date:
Grade ---------------325 Mesh Grade
Screen Analysis ---------------99.50% minimum through 325 mesh
Non Volatile Content ------------ 70.0% (± 2.0%) by weight
Average Particle Size ------------ 5-12(+-1) microns
Solvent  :  HA: Hight Boiling Point Arcomatic Hydrocarbon Solvent

This series is widely used for OEM and Refinish coatings, plastic and coil coatings.

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