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Development of Aluminium Paste From Asia Pacific Paint

2018 / 07 / 16
Since new century, china completely changes the industrial paint world.,in 20002, the production volume of china becomes the second country of the 2009, it even becomes the No.1 instead of the US. Of course, aluminium paste contributes to this.

As well know in this industry, some people are familiar with the growth 1-3% in these ten years, even some area have no increase or decrease, it is unbelievable to have a growth over 10%, even in 20th century, the total volume is not large, so it is, even now, the base quantity is increased more and more. And in 2003, the combined volume is over the US, in 2006, it is more than middle-east of Europe and some international paint company is looking forward to long term cooperation with China suppliers. Among these is Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Co.,Ltd.

Asia Pacific region is also the growth power in the mature paint area, which is the center also international paint to reach their global strategy. The people quantity in Asia pacific region reach over half of tat of world, but the paint required quantity is just 33% of global. After viewing 
these data, aluminium paste company trust they could become better and bigger.

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