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Focus on safety and prevent risks

2020 / 07 / 10

Every year in June is "Safe Production Month". The theme is "Preventing Risks, Eliminating Hidden Troubles and Preventing Accidents". To strengthen employees' safety awareness, Zhangqiu Metallic Pigment Company factory department organized emergency personnel of various departments to carry out an emergency drill for safety production accidents.

In order to enable everyone to master some fire safety knowledge and the skills of extinguishing the initial fire, the factory department organized all the personnel to participate in a fire fighting training. The production manager introduced the correct use of fire fighting equipment to everyone, everyone actively participated in it, experienced the use of fire fighting equipment and operating points, and improved their own safety awareness and fire fighting skills. Integrate safe production into daily work and life.

To pay attention to safety and ensure production, we need to strengthen daily safety management work, strengthen accident emergency drills, ensure that we are always prepared and safe, and carry out safety production in an in-depth manner.

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