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Printing Ink Industry

People use large metallic pigment in various books,magazines to attract attention,previously widely used hot silver and aluminized as print process,with the exploration of metal ink gradually mature,offset ink,gravure ink and screen ink be used more and more.Because of the low cost,need no special machine,more and more printing facory choose it!

Metallic pigment for Solvent ink

The series is divided into five categories with different effects,and this series imparts a bright metallic effect coupled with better hiding power,and they are cost-effective.In addition,premium leafing aluminium paste,when formulated with the appropriate resin systems,it has an excellent leafing stability with bright appearance and sparkling effect.


Metallic pigment for Eco-friendly ink

This series are made especially for the ink industries. They are carried in N-propyl acetate, ethyl acetate or ink oil. The products with nice brightness and strong hiding power. This series products is not only with economically price, but also meets environmental protection requirements and meets the requirements for benzophenone content in food packaging.


Water-brone Aluminium Paste for ink

WATER BORNE uses aluminium powder of a narrow particle size distribution which has undergone inorganic treatment to ensure a minimum production of gases. We can produce passivated, single coated and double coated types. It has good storage stability when formulated in the resin of choice.


Bronze powder for ink

This series is leafing flaky pigment, which is composed of copper, zinc, and aluminium powder. Bronze powder imparts good brilliance and metallic effect. Rich gold, pale gold, rich pale gold and copper powder are available.

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