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Latest Trend of Water-based Aluminum Paste

2020 / 09 / 18

In recent years, intensifying environmental protection awareness has led to continuous improvement in the water-based coatings in various regions. The rapid advancement is mainly in architectural and decorative paint . Basically all of them has transformed into water-based system. For industrial paints, it is relatively slow to switch to water-based, mainly constrained by the limitations of cost, resin performance, and additive performance. A global epidemic has reminded mankind that it is necessary to protect the environment. Therefore, from the statistics of the local distribution department, water-based coatings are rapidly to be fully expanded.

In the short term, water-based coatings will increase product costs to upgrading the production lines. After long-term development, the market will gradually accept water-based products, and market value and profits will be improved. At present, the difficulty in the promotion of water-based metallic paints is mainly due to water-based aluminum paste. The price is higher, which is determined by the production process. Unless there is an better improvement of technology or resin to bring down the raw material cost.

Silver Rocket have been vigorously promoting water-based aluminum paste, so that we can speed up the product layout with customers who are capable to producing the water-based metallic paints and recognized by end user. It is also in order not to fall behind in the future competition; Internally, it will increased the production but  it’s also promote the healthy development of the entire metal coating market in the long run, and the survival of the fittest will eliminate the low-end solvent based products that always fight into the price war.

Nowadays, our company is gradually improving the distribution of water-based aluminum paste, and has developed water-based aluminum paste for plastic paint, water-based wheel paint, water-based metal baking paint and other application types to meet the special requirements of different applications. Shall you have further enquiries, feel free to contact us!

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