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Use and Storage guidance of aluminum paste

2020 / 08 / 07

Aluminum paste is a metallic pigment. It is safer than aluminum powder, not easy to catch fire or explode, but storage and use still need attention.

Tips for using aluminum paste

-  When the flake pigment is oriented parallel to the surface of the coating film, the best effect will be achieved. The orientation of the flake pigment is related to the formula and construction conditions. The solvent can dilute the aluminum paste and promote the curing of the resin. The resin can form a paint film. , Fixing the aluminum sheet on the surface of the construction substrate, the additives can improve the performance of the paint film and enhance the performance of the coating. Surfactants also have similar functions, but their functional effects should be tested before use. In order for the aluminum paste to achieve a satisfactory special effect in the pigment, the metal coating must be completely dispersed in the coating system, and the coating should be in a uniform state without particles. If high-speed stirring or other intensive processing is carried out during the coating production process,  its geometry The structure is easy to be destroyed, so we recommends that high-shear dispersing methods should not be used. Generally, the aluminum paste is soaked in a solvent for several hours in advance and then stirred and dispersed!

-  Add ratio:

Colored primer> aluminum paste addition ratio 1%-4%;

The adding ratio of aluminum paste of pure ~ silver primer is 4%-10%;

The proportion of aluminum paste added in the single-layer metallic flash paint is 5%-13%;

Anti-corrosion paint, canning, and coil coating aluminum paste add 10%-13%.

-  When a coating system containing aluminum paste requires the addition of metal driers, for non-leafing aluminum pastes, only driers that will not react with the fatty acids on the surface of the aluminum flakes can be used. zirconium and manganese driers are recommended.

Aluminum Paste Storage Guidness

-  Please store aluminum paste on a floor surface with a structure that is capable of preventing intrusion or penetration of water.

- Keep away from direct sunlight, rainwater, and excessive dampness. Store indoors in sealed containers, at no more than 40°C and preferably at 15°C–25°C. For special leafing grades which are subject to stearic acid separation, storage indoors 15 °C–45°C is preferable.

- If separation of the solvent and aluminium flakes occurs as an effect of vibration during transport or certain storage conditions, thoroughly mix the aluminum paste to obtain a uniform dispersion before use.Such separation generally does not involve any problem in the quality or performance.

- Please seal containers when not using aluminum paste in order to prevent it from being mixed with reactive substances which may result in alterations to the paste or transformation of the paste into a more dangerous state.

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