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Development History

In 1987, the first factory was established by Mr. Liu Enwei, and started to produce aluminum paste.

In 1992, the Chinese Brand name”Yinjian” was registered.

In 2001, established spherical aluminum powder factory to serve the aluminum paste production to ensure a stable supply of raw materials.

In 2004, “Yinjian” Aluminum paste became to the largest aluminum pigment supplier in the marine paint industry in China.

In 2005, developed the bright effect aluminum paste.

In 2006, started to do export business, “Yinjian” Aluminum paste was exported to Korea.

In 2008, the company built a 8000㎡ R&D center to research and produce high performance aluminum pigment.

In 2011, started to supply spherical aluminum powder to the world’s largest conductive paste factory.

In 2012, the second spherical aluminum powder factory was established in Qihe, Shandong, China.

In 2018, the English Brand name”Silver Rocket” was registered in the international system.

In 2019, cooperated with Shanghai Titanos Group and established a 45000㎡new modern factory in Huoshan, Anhui Province.

In 2020, a bronze powder factory equipment was acquired by “Silver Rocket”, then built 1 bronze powder factory and start to produce bronze powder.

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