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Classification Of Aluminum Powder

2020 / 10 / 21

As one of the important metallic pigment, aluminum powder has a wide range of uses, such as powder coatings, inks, printing and coatings, texitle, etc. Aluminum powder include leafing flake aluminum powder, non-leafing Sio2 coated aluminum powder and spherical aluminum powder. Let’s talk details.

1.Spherical aluminum powder

Aluminum powder is melted from aluminum ingots. Aluminum powder is an important and commonly used industrial raw material in modern industry. Aluminium content is around 99.6% with high purity and is made especially for solar cell conductive aluminium paste, ceramic industry, high precision alloy, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

Also, it’s the main raw material in the production of aluminum pigment.

spherical aluminum powder

2. Leafing aluminum powder

Leafing aluminum powder adopts dry grinding, processed from spherical aluminum powder, which is easy to disperse, good hiding powder and particle size dispersion, the surface is fine and smooth, with strong metallic effect. This product is popular used in ink, coatings, masterbatck, texitle ect.

leafing aluminum powder

3.  Non-leafing Sio2 coated aluminum powder

Sio2 coated aluminum powder, this series is aluminum powder coated with Sio2 with narrow particle size distribution, smooth surface and silver-dollar structure. This aluminum powder imparts brilliant metallic effects, strong hiding power possessing reliable stability, oxidation-resistance and weather-resistance ability.

There are large wide range of application, powder coating, coating on hardware, plastic, automotive, coil, ink, masterbatch, printing and powder coating, etc.

Non-leafing Sio2 coated aluminum powder

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